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     og视讯注册Book III. As Vasco da Gama has solemnly vowed not to leave his ship until he can set foot upon Indian soil, he refuses to land at Melinda although cordially invited to do so by the native king. Seeing the foreign commander will not come ashore, the king visits the Portuguese vessel, where he is sumptuously entertained and hears from Da Gama's own lips an enthusiastic outline of the history of Portugal. After touching upon events which occurred there in mythological ages, Vasco relates how Portugal, under Viriagus, resisted the Roman conquerors, and what a long conflict his country later sustained against the Moors. He also explains by what means Portugal became an independent kingdom, and enthusiastically describes the patriotism of his countryman Egas Moniz, who, when his king was captured at the battle of Guimaraens, advised this prince to purchase his liberty by pledging himself to do homage to Castile. But, his master once free, Egas Moniz bade him retract this promise, saying that, since he and his family were pledged for its execution, they would rather lose their lives than see Portugal subjected to Castile.


     1、Of saintly flesh, must, being thus entire,

     2、So from the polish'd arms and brazen shields



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     (1)  路昂陷入若有所思当中,然后点头同意道:“贾兄说的没错,能常年到国外执行任务的同事,都定是一时之选,就算不敌无法完成任务,但从莫里蒂家族手里全身而退,还是可以做到的。”

     (2)Canto XVI.


     (4)  这个当下,路昂能明显感觉到这家伙对莫里蒂家族动了杀心!

     (5)  路昂身子一顿,他知道这是对方给出期限了。


     1.  只见王乐满意的点了点头,道:“那就最好不过了,毕竟这次的任务已经前后耽搁很久,我们要尽快抓住孙江才是,不然的话,迟则生变!”

     2.Darkness now settled down on the forest, and although the road was rough and thorny Savitri stumbled on and on, following the sound of Yama's footsteps although she could no longer see him. Finally he turned into a gloomy cavern, but she plodded on, until she so excited his compassion that he promised her one more boon, again stipulating it should not be the soul he held in his hand. When Savitri begged for children,—sons of Satyavan,—Yama smiled and granted her prayer, thinking he would now surely be rid of her at last. But Savitri followed him on into the depths of the cavern, although owls and bats made the place hideous with their cries. Hearing her footsteps still behind him, Yama tried to frighten her away, but she, grasping the hand which held her husband's soul, laid her tear-wet cheek against it, thereby so touching the god's heart that he exclaimed, "Ask anything thou wilt and it shall be thine."

     3.  毕竟他是行走在无间道里的精英分子,对这种伪装什么的,当然很敏感,也很熟悉,只要冷静下来,会很容易看出破绽。

     4.  “他娘的,当老子是瞎子傻蛋呢,带了张人皮面具,不以真面目示人,以为老子不知道?”路昂多看了两眼王乐略显僵硬的脸庞,不禁在心中无语的想道。

     5.  “怎嘛,路兄以为在下只会杀人,不懂得生活的趣味吗?”王乐似笑非笑的反问道。