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     ag视讯下载On August 7, 1965, my father forced me to go out to his cabin. Henrik was away. My father was drinking, and he tried to force himself on me. But he couldnt get it up and he flew into a drunken rage. He was alwaysrough and violent towards me when we were alone, but this time he crossed the line. He urinated on me. Then he started telling me what he was going to do to me. That night he told me about the women he had killed. He was bragging about it. He quoted from the Bible. This went on for an hour. I didnt understand half of what he was saying, but I realised that he was totally, absolutely sick.



     2、  随即就见王乐沉声回道:“没错,在出发前,上面已经告诉我,孙江叛逃有米国的影子,不然的话,相信以那五位同事的能力和手段,就凭莫里蒂家族这样的乌合之众,很难留得住他们。”


     4、  “怎嘛,路兄以为在下只会杀人,不懂得生活的趣味吗?”王乐似笑非笑的反问道。

     5、  也正是因为这样,自此以后,使得王乐一向来的狗-屎运变得不稳定起来,时好时坏。


     (1)  路昂翻了个白眼,默默的在心中骂完后掉头就走,开着车子消失在黑夜尽头···

     (2)They had left Hedeby Island in great haste early in the morning after Salander dropped the bomb that was now occupying every waking moment of Blomkvist’s life. They drove to Salander’s place and spent two days in front of her computer while she guided him through Wennerstr?m’s universe. He had plenty of questions. One of them was pure curiosity.

     (3)  “没想到这次又能和路兄并肩作战,贾某人荣幸之至,当真是有缘分的很呐!”王大少一边笑着,一边感慨说道。

     (4)  否则的话,王乐不介意亲自动身前往米国将洪家给扫灭。

     (5)  接着张兴隆话锋一转,略带可惜的口吻对王乐说道:“如果极阳子师父在王老弟还未成年时就相认,我相信你的成就,远远不会止步在今日的武道先天境界!”


     1.And say, 'This chief transcends his father's fame:'

     2.  只见王乐做出倾听状,问道:“什么话?”

     3.What could she say? Ive always been able to do it. Instead she went to bed without saying goodnight.

     4.“Oh, I’m fine.” Salander looked at him, perplexed. OK, then. He expects me to be upset. “When I find the motherfucker who tortured an innocent cat to death just to send us a warning, I’m going to clobber him with a baseball bat.”

     5.All except one.